Monday, April 18, 2005

from midland, with love.

I'm in Midland for a few days, learning to be more socratic. Ah the joys and the constant thinking-induced-headaches of being a college ministry intern.

If you haven't been on the Musings site lately, you need to head on over. Honesty is all the buzz, even brutal in nature.

Read (here and here). Reflect. Comment.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read something something in a Psychology textbook last week about South Pacific tribal life. They live in tents all joined together. If a couple have sex at night, in the morning, the kids next door will know how good it was. Suffice to say, their living arrangements require what is known as "brutal honesty," because of the glass house effect.

They also have a negligble rate of domestic violence or other crimes typical in the polite societies. Hmm.


11:57 PM  
Anonymous dang said...

2 eprops for loving Jesus, hot brad.

btw, when can i expect my life plan? i hope dalrymple's rule will not sway your decisions.

11:53 AM  
Blogger samwise said...

how can you have the Spoon album up there already. It isn't going to be released until May 10th.

1:59 PM  
Blogger Brett said...

S. - interesting. why are you so anonymous?

dang - life plans take time. rules (hard and fast and otherwise) tend to affect such plans while not be the sole influences therein.

samwise - i prefer to withhold comment on that, other than to say in the vaguest of ways, what i've heard of the new spoon album makes me consider it worthy of serious plugging/whoring.

everyone else - ignore said comments, or not - whichever makes the most sense for you.

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, says my name is "anonymous," so I just keep my self-proclaimed identity brief. Don't want to offend the gods of the blogosphere. Or something. If I had a blog as remotely interesting as yours, I would give you a link.


2:11 PM  

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