Sunday, February 19, 2006

Alex Dupree & The Trapdoor Plan

Alex Dupree and 16 of his closest friends played a great show at Beerland last night. Highlights were Sarah is Rising and Ramona (as always), as well as a bipolar version of Deep Ellum (soft then loud then soft and so forth), and to finish out the set:

"vinyl floors stick cold
to my feet and to my medicine
pallid glow downstairs
the cabinet mirror all cracked in
this night that wrestles me
is in my knees and under my skin
with an icy cocktail moan
hung on a spike like a gasp in the wind
all that was written must come to pass
so i will give up, i will give up at last."

The Sad Accordions and Zookeeper played valiantly as well. Beerland - you need to work on your acoustics.

[If you're wondering about the picture, and the streak of light, it's film's best attempt at capturing the "lightar" in all of its glory]


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Hello. Your not-so-anonymous reader has re-initiated the blog thing. My blog is not as cool. Seriously.

Cheers xoxo

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