Sunday, August 07, 2005

trapdoors & accordions

I saw Alex Dupree & The Trapdoor Band play last night at the Lava Lounge. Don't go to the Lava Lounge. It's weird. Do, however, do whatever it is you can to see Alex play. He's a great songwriter, and I think he'll be around for a while.

Alex & Band are planning an album release party out in Llano on August 27th. It should be a good time. Here's a lyrical taste for you, from Sarah Is Rising (off the new album):

"Catalog maturity / rocking chairs for softened feet / tapping shoes to quick regret / picture shows and cigarettes / evenings in the cyclone park / in beginnings of the heart / heroes grow in looking back / in old cassettes and photographs / all the good has all been used / but Sarah is rising from under the moon"

My other musician friend Seth Woods and his band - The Sad Accordions - are playing an Inside Stage Show at Emo's on the 29th (of August). Get in on that as well, if you can.

Seth's starting a side project, tentatively called Whiskey Priest, featuring a bit of an old-country/folk sound. Look for that to debut at Alex's album release party. "Whiskey Priest" comes from the book The Power and the Glory, written by Graham Greene. I will be reading this book, as I must find out what a whiskey priest is. That is intrigue at its finest. I bet The Power and the Glory would have sold quite a few more copies if it had been entitled The Whiskey Priest.

Was this post as unnecessary as it now feels?


Blogger Christopher Charles said...

The lava lounge, while more quaint than most club/bars downtown, is forced...and it lets a lot of really crappy opening acts in. I liked our corner sofa though...watching you Brett whilst bathed in that red glow. I'm done.

5:53 AM  
Blogger Melody said...

what exactly makes a post necessary?

down with the lava lounge...

9:36 AM  

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