Thursday, September 22, 2005

Austin May Have It's City Limits...

But Jacksonville has it's City Nights.

A certain Ryan Adams is releasing his second of three albums this year, Jacksonville City Nights on September 27. It should be a good way to wind down from the ACL Festival and from all of the resulting chaos induced by a certain Rita.

I spent the past two days in Los Angeles, and on the flight back I found myself watching the sunset from 30,000 feet (or however high airplanes fly, exactly). It was beautiful. Have you ever seen something so beautiful that it makes you sad? It made me in the mood for music that was sad, old, and country sounding so I pulled some Neil Young Harvest out of my trusty iPod.

My sad, old, and country mood has been sticking around today, and low and behold trusty Stereogum came through in the clutch with a little Ryan Adams sneak peak. Stream the new album here [care of Scenestars] or at least check out a song or two:

The Hardest Part [care of My Yellow Country Teeth]
Withering Heights [care of My Yellow Country Teeth]

I'm attending ACL on Sunday. Who should I see?


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